B2B E-Commerce

Product content is very important in E-Commerce which helps visitors to make a buying decision. In B2B E-Commerce this challenge gets bigger because products data standards are non-uniform from manufacturer to another, scattered in multiple legacy systems and they have vast diversity. Our data analyst & domain leaders have created a unique product listing guidelines for quicker B2B E-Commerce cataloging which not only add technical data depth to the product but also with unique “feature-benefit-brand” content that too in 60 languages. The result is higher page conversion rate, top organic ranking in search engines like Google and holistic information-rich experience for your website visitors.

Product Data Cleansing, Normalisation & Standardisation

Through data cleansing, we ensure your product data is correct, clean, complete, formatted and verified. While normalization & standardization organizes the data as per your buyer requirements and internal process.

Build New Product Category

Based on the growth strategy there will be need to add new product category in to existing portfolio. In such scenarios, time to market and cost remains biggest challenges. Our experts can help you in building even the most niche category in the shortest time.

Product Attribute Enrichment & Descriptions

A detailed product attribute and product-specific customised descriptions have multi-level benefits. Now the products can be easily identified and sales team can now quickly full-fill inquiries while marketing can create online/print brochure in a click. Customised descriptions also helps in saving paid online marketing cost as search engines such as Google and others rank product page with customised content at top.

Taxonomy Structuring

An efficient taxonomy amplifies the functionality of MDM/PIM/E-Commerce. Data cleansing, enrichment, and other data processing or content creation efforts will remain in silos as long as it is not built around an efficient domain-specific taxonomy structure. To identify a product among thousands or millions of SKUs and if it’s not available then to pinpoint the alternative
within few seconds are the traits of a good taxonomy design.

Digital Asset Collection

Our database consists of millions of product images, data sheets, product videos, brochures, technical drawing, compliance standards, safety data sheets which can be leveraged at no cost and in case you have customised requirements, we can help you in achieving it.

Extract, Transform & Load

Often there are requirements to extract data from online/offline platforms. Many such online e-commerce platforms have strict security measures in place to avoid such unauthorized data extraction but we can help you here. Our extraction technology is sophisticated enough to extract from any platforms and that too up to 1 million products per day! Once extracted our data experts transform the data as per your requirements and load it to your system.

B2C –E-Commerce

One of the biggest challenges in B2C e-commerce is to reduce the cost while at the same time not to compromise the growth potential. At Prodimtech we help you in managing all your backend operations while you can now devote more time and resources on strategic areas.

PIM Selection

PIM (Product Information Management) is integral to e-commerce which provides multi-channel experience through an effective product content framework. It also helps in distributing product information across multiple commerce channel such as kiosk, e-commerce, store, mobile apps, print catalogues, GDSN, among others. We can help you in selecting and implementing the right PIM for your e-commerce based on your product assortment, its characteristics, preferred commerce channel and affordability.

Product Photography

Pictures do sell!

E-Commerce being a virtual commerce, the ability to convince the visitor to make a purchase is the result of multiple factors of which having an effective image of the product in an important requirement. Images are able to generate a visual perception of the product and build confidence in customers to choose them. Through our global networks of photographers and knowledge base, we can help you to scale up your e-commerce to the next level.

Product Cataloguing

Being a product data specialist, we provide the one-stop solution for your cataloging needs. Our knowledge in defining content guideline, attribute enrichment, taxonomy structuring, categorisation, Upselling & Cross-selling SKUs, analytics, seller on-boarding and spend management will not only save your time but the cost as well.

Marketplace Mapping

Are you are looking to sell in different online marketplaces and want someone to manage them? We have the perfect solution for you wherein we can connect you to the marketplace of your choice and manage the end to end requirement of your seller account. We catalog your product add descriptions to it, categorize them, update price & inventory and provide 24X7 customer support.

Omni-Channel Solution

Omnichannel works both ways i.e leading online players are now opening offline stores terming as “experience centers” while traditional offline players are now getting online. Omnichannel commerce is all about an experience where a customer gets unified product experience across multiple platforms. Product data plays an important role in the success of this strategy because the ERP systems, retail point of sale systems and online PIM systems must be easily linked with unique, verified and accurate product data. We help offline customers in cleaning their inventory data, restructure their product taxonomy, photography and in a click bring your offline customers to an online catalogue.